Kalen Bruce

Finance & Productivity Writer

Who Am I?

Hi, My name is Kalen and I’d love to write for you. I do credited and ghost writing. I’m happily married with 5 children. I serve on active duty in the USAF, and I run a full-time blog. That means good money and time management skills are mandatory.

I write on all things finance and productivity, and I specialize in:

  • Children’s Finance
  • Christian Finance
  • Creating Positive Habits
  • Military Finance
  • Simple Investing
  • Time Management

Why Hire Me?

Writing is important. Editing is more important. My words are concise and clear. I have a direct approach that many people like, and some don’t. If you need something said with few words and full meaning, I’m your guy.

I believe writing should be fun.

I aim to inform and entertain.

I get to the point and keep people engaged.

What & Where I’ve Written

I’ve been featured all over the web since 2013, when I started writing online. My blogging home is MoneyMiniBlog.com, where I’ve written hundreds of articles. These are some of the other places I’ve been featured:

My Writing Process and How to Get a Quote

My writing process is simple. I do research in the beginning to become extremely familiar with the topic. Then I write my rough draft, and edit, edit, edit. During my editing process, I can add more sources and data to back up my claims. The finished, polished product is a concise, well-written piece with the research to hold it together.

I can give you a free quote based on word count, a per-project cost, or an ongoing relationship. I don’t write for free, but I’m also not trying to get rich. I love writing and I only ask for the funds to replace my time.

Easy to Work With

To the Point

Quick Turnaround

Creative Writing

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More of My Writing

I’ve written articles, guides, landing pages, books, and more.

Articles of All Sorts

I’ve had articles with over 75k social shares like this one on LifeHack. I have several high-ranking articles on Google, like this one about the lottery and this one on paying off your mortgage early. I’ve been writing articles long enough to know what people want, whether it be detailed, research-based, long-form content, or skimmable listicles

Books and Guides

I’ve written several ebooks that I’ve published on TradePub. I’ve also written huge guides on money and productivity topics.


I’ve been writing copy for years. I like the basic advertising models, but I don’t always follow the rules. If you need a landing page or a product description, I can be pretty captivating. And my humility comes at no cost to you. 🙂