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The Complete Guide to Biblical Fasting: Empower Your Spirit and Grow in Christ

The Complete Guide to Biblical Fasting: Empower Your Spirit and Grow in Christ

We talk about prayer way more than we talk about fasting, yet fasting is mentioned along side prayer so often. It’s easy to read the prayer part, since praying (or at least the idea of praying) is easy.

When we’re going through a hard time, we know we need to pray. Our friends tell us to pray, and that they’re praying for us, but again… what about fasting? I know it’s not my first thought.

Fasting is an unmatched tool in the results it can bring, but it’s so often forgotten. And I don’t think it’s because everyone is fasting and keeping it to themselves. Sure, we’re supposed to fast in secret (Matthew 6:16-18), but more often that not, we’re not fasting at all.

It’s really easy to forget about something that we rarely talk about in church, and are supposed to do in secret.

Now that I have your attention, and you feel like you should be fasting more (I know I do), let’s get practical.

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How to Define Success as a Christian

How to Define Success as a Christian

What does success mean to you?

Society measures success by money.

When someone is “successful,” it often means they’re financially successful or successful in business.

For example, Success Magazine is completely devoted to financial and business success.

But what does that really have to do with success?

We both know that, according to the Bible, financial or business success is a tiny part of success.

Webster defines success as simply “favorable or desired outcome,” granted it also goes on to include the attainment of wealth in the definition, but I think it’s evolved into that based on society’s view of success.

The questions isn’t “what does success means to the world?”, the questions is “what does success mean to you?”

So… what does it mean? Is it important? How important?

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How Generous Giving Replaced the Tithe (And Why Everyone Should Give)

How Generous Giving Replaced the Tithe (And Why Everyone Should Give)

​​One day I was hit with the revelation that tithing applied to me, or rather, that I should be giving.

The fact is, this really has nothing to do with tithing, and everything to do with generous giving. But at the time, I was stuck on the 10% and that’s where the story starts…

Giving isn’t just for the rich or the people who already have their finances “figured out.”

It’s not something that would be “nice to do one day”…you know, “when you could afford it.”

It took me two years to understand that not only did the tithe giving apply to me, but it was the answer to my financial problems.

Everything didn’t change overnight, but within a few years of regular giving, we went from blowing our budget and being $24,000 in debt to being debt-free and building wealth.

So what happened exactly?

The supernatural.

In fact, I have experienced more supernatural events in my finances than any other area of my life. Our entire family has been blessed and continues to be blessed, both financially and otherwise.

This is my financial journey, how I started “tithing” and how God showed up in a seriously supernatural way. But that’s not all… it’s also how I learned that tithing doesn’t apply to New Testament Christians, and what we should be doing instead.

Here’s my story…

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Christian Minimalism

Christian Minimalism

Minimalism is the new trend.

In a world where owning more seems to be the goal, people are fighting back, and that’s good.

Materialism doesn’t bring the happiness people think it brings.

So, is minimalism the right path? What does minimalism mean for Christians? Let’s talk…

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How to Start a Group Bible Study or Small Group

How to Start a Group Bible Study or Small Group

Starting a group Bible study is easy, but if you’ve ever tried to do it, you probably figured out that it doesn’t just happen.

There’s work involved, but it’s more planning than anything.

I’ll walk you through the entire process and included everything I’ve learned over the years, along with plenty of resources to help you out, like always.

Here’s the first step…

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A Productive Christian Life

A Productive Christian Life

We all want to be productive. Productive employees, spouses, parents… productive people.

But how is productivity different for Christians?

There is the worldly view of productivity and success – producing more to earn more money.

The worldly view of productivity encompasses your business life and parts of your personal life. In a way, productivity for a Christian is backwards, because the secondary parts of worldly productivity are often first for Christians.

This isn’t just about earning more money, though that’s part of it. This isn’t just about getting more work done, though that’s part of it. This is about living a productive Christian life.

Let’s start with the main way Christian productivity differs from worldly productivity…

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Why a Journaling Habit is Important for Christians (And How to Start One)

Why a Journaling Habit is Important for Christians (And How to Start One)

“I don’t want to live in a hand-me-down world of others’ experiences. I want to write about me, my discoveries, my fears, my feelings, about me.” – Helen Keller

The journal. It’s a commonality among the people we read about in history books.

That’s probably why so many people write about it, and about the importance of it.

“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter. And lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” – Jack London

Think about it. The Bible is here today, because people wrote. I doubt they blogged about their life (I hear computers were much slower 2000+ years ago), but they definitely transcribed it somehow.

Just read through the Bible. If I had a shekel for every time the Lord told someone to “write it down”, I would be able to buy a lot of sheep and oxen. And I would journal about it.

Journaling has a history that’s likely longer than known human history.

So let’s talk about what journaling can do for you, and what you can do by journaling. Then I’ll give you all the tools you need to create a new journaling habit or to refresh your current one.

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The Complete Guide to Reading Your Bible Daily

The Complete Guide to Reading Your Bible Daily

There have been over 6 billion Bibles printed to date.

There are well over 1,000 translations into new languages currently in progress.

It’s the most popular book in history, hands down. Though, it’s not really fair to other books, since it was written by God and it’s technically 66 books, written by at least 40 different authors over a 1,600 year period.

And if that doesn’t make the Bible appealing, there are plenty of other reasons to read it…

I dare you to find any other 66 books written over a 1,000+ year period that have anything to do with each other and here we have the Bible, which maintains the same theme over the course of almost a million words.

The Bible has been endorsed by Christians, Jews and people who claim to be neither of the two. It’s an amazing work to say the absolute least. And I’ll simply let N.T. Wright sum it up by saying:

“The Bible is the book of my life. It’s the book I live with, the book I live by, the book I want to die by.”

If you’re reading this, you probably already believe in the supernatural nature of the Bible, so let’s get into how we can read the Bible for all it’s worth and glory.

The Bible can be overwhelming. It’s long and quite frankly, some parts are boring. When we get into the begats, lineages and census numbers, it’s easy to lose focus. So how do we create a reading plan that we stick with? What do people mean when they talk about reading the Bible daily? How much are they reading? What’s their system?

I can’t explain everyone’s strategy for getting the most out of the Bible, but I can give you a strategy that works. It has worked for me and countless others and it can easily work for you. I’m going to give you a strategy to start with and build on. Create your own method and remember, a good reading plan that you stick with is better than the best reading plan that you don’t.

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Stop Making Excuses and Start Thinking Big

Stop Making Excuses and Start Thinking Big

Do consider yourself successful? Stop and ask yourself that question. Seriously.

And what does success mean to you?

The truth is, most people wouldn’t say they’re successful. Why? It could be partially because they have a worldly view of success. It could also be because they haven’t actually been striving to reach their dreams and accomplish their goals in the first place.

First off, your level of success doesn’t define your self-worth. Jesus does. When Jesus died for you on the cross, he confirmed that you were worth it. That shows your true worth. Your worth isn’t in other people’s opinions of you. It’s not in money. It’s not in fame. It’s not in popularity, athletic ability or business success. Your self-worth is found in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Now that we’ve separated success from self-worth, let’s talk about what it means to be successful. You have dreams. You have a vision for what you want to accomplish, whether you’ve put anything down on paper or not. And you can accomplish all of it.

It starts with your thinking…

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